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Degree Overviews

See the summary below to find the Minimum Requirements to apply and Program Specific Courses for each Academic Program

Meta-Major Academic Pathways help students choose courses that satisfy the Associate of Arts (AA) degree requirements AND align with their intended career goals. Follow these guides if you (1) plan to continue taking courses at FSW while you Apply or Re-Apply to a Limited Admission Program or (2) plan to complete an AA degree at FSW and then transfer to another institution to pursue a related bachelor’s degree

Associate in Science Degrees and Certificates (Program Application Required)

Entry level degrees and certificates into the health professions to prepare for License/Certification

Associate in Science

Entry level degrees into the health professions to prepare for License/Certification

College Credit Certificate

Shorter programs with courses that are part of related Associate degrees to prepare for License/Certification

Bachelor of Science and Post-Associate Certificate (for Licensed Professionals only)

Specialized degree completion programs for Licensed professionals