Stackable Credentials

Badges and stackable credentials are a dynamic way to showcase your achievements and enhance your career prospects. Here at FSW, you can earn micro-credentials highlighting specific skills and competencies you've gained during your academic journey. These badges are stackable, meaning you can accumulate them over time to build a comprehensive portfolio of expertise.


FSW offers badges which note competency in specific areas. Many of FSW’s badges support the earning of recognized industry certifications or state licensure. Click a badge below to learn more.

Stackable Credentials

You no longer need to wait two or four years to earn a credential of value. FSW awards badges, certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees. Students can start where they are, complete their first goal, stack their successes, and continue towards a postsecondary credential.

Several stackable credentials pathways are linked below.

General Education (AA) Students

Associate in Arts students, you too can stack your credentials!

Earn a College Credit Certificate (CCC) along with your AA degree.

Did you know that FSW's AA degree includes 24 credit hours of electives?

Ten of FSW's CCCs can be completed in 18 or fewer credit hours and are listed below.

Talk to your advisor about adding a CCC to your program of study.

STEM & Dual Enrolled Students

FSW's Scientific Workplace Preparation, CCC could be for you!

STEM students can earn the Scientific Workplace Preparation, CCC and Science and Engineering Technology, AS degree along with their AA degree. Build your resume and talk to your advisor about adding these programs to program of study.

Benefits of Scientific Workplace Preparation, CCC

  • Boosts Credibility
  • Prepares individuals for entry-level employment in a science or engineering laboratory
  • Enhances employment prospects