Articulation Agreement

Each school district (Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry, and Lee) enters into an Inter-Institutional Articulation Agreement (IAA) that details the roles and responsibilities of the student, schools, school district, and FSW. This agreement is required by state law and is submitted to the Office of Articulation Agreements at the Florida Department of Education annually.

The IAA provides guidance to parents, students, concurrent instructors, and school personnel on the details of the Accelerated Pathway programs, such as student’s rights, accommodations, high school and college processes, special circumstances, program eligibility, and concurrent courses. While Accelerated Pathway students fall under FSW’s Student Handbook, there are some unique aspects that may affect what a student can or cannot do as secondary students. The IAA is the best resource if questions arise for students in the Accelerated Pathway programs.

Inter-Institutional Articulation Agreements