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FSW Checklist and Next Steps

Use this detailed Accelerated Pathways Checklist to ensure you are on track to take college courses. The links provided below will help you on your FSW journey.

Apply to Accelerated Pathways

Apply to FSW as a Accelerated Pathways (Dual Enrollment/ Early Admission) student. All potential DE/EA students need a FSW ID to begin the process of taking classes. Follow the links and instructions below as your first step.

Direction to Submit Test Scores

Potential Accelerated Pathways students will need to submit test scores. You can do so either by submitting ACT or SAT scores or taking our the CollegeBoard Accuplacer test through our Testing Center.

Complete Accelerated Pathways Orientation

Only students with a current FSW ID number may complete the Canvas Orientation Course. Please complete a FSW Dual Enrollment/Early Admission Application to receive an ID number.

Register through the Accelerated Pathways Form

Once you are qualified to take courses as a college student (FSW ID, test scores and grades), you will need to complete an Accelerated Pathways Form, either through a paper form process or an online DocuSign. Please see your school counselor for further information.

AdobeSign for Fall and Spring Registration

AdobeSign for Summer Registration