How to Submit Test Scores

*TEST scores are valid for two years per FL 6A-10.0315*

How to submit ACT/SAT scores

  1. Send the scores electronically by clicking on the links below (processing time is anywhere from 2-6 weeks)

  2. Or Submit the scores via Zoom. Request a Zoom appointment by emailing
  3. Or Submit your scores in person at an FSW Testing Center—you must have a valid Photo ID and your log in information to your ACT/SAT account/s.

How to submit ACCUPLACER scores

How to submit P.E.R.T. scores

Please contact your local Testing Center in order to retrieve your P.E.R.T. scores from the State Repository. A valid Photo ID is required to obtain a copy of the P.E.R.T. scores.

How to submit Alternative Assessments (COMING SPRING 2023)