Florida Civic Literacy Exam

FL State Rule 6A-10.02413 Civic Literacy Competency requires students entering an FCS institution in 2021-22 and thereafter to pass an assessment to demonstrate competency in civic literacy prior to graduation.

*For FCLE remote testing please confirm the System Requirements for either Windows and/or macOS (we do not recommend MAC OS due to compatibility issues) operating systems prior to making an appointment for the remote FCLE exam and to ensure that your computer can run the test.*

Florida Civic Literacy Examination (FCLE) Information:

  • Processing of the FCLE test scores may take up to 48 hours. After this, the scores will be available inside the FSW Portal under the following path: Student Academics/Student Profile/Prior Education and Testing.
  • Students who passed the FCLE while in high school are exempt from the postsecondary civic literacy assessment requirement. Submit an updated official (or unofficial) high school transcript noting the successful completion of the FCLE to the Office of Admissions.
  • Students who registered with the FSW Office of Adaptive Services and were granted disability-related accommodations, may request such accommodations to take the FCLE. Please confirm these accommodations with your local FSW Testing Services office.
  • The FCLE can be taken at one of the FSW Testing Center locations or remotely.
  • The FCLE exam is untimed and at no cost for FSW students.
  • (The FCLE remote sessions are limited to 3 hours.)
  • The FCLE exam has 80 questions
  • The FCLE exam allows students to go back and review exam questions while testing and prior to submitting the exam.
  • The FCLE passing score is a 60%, which equals 48 questions correct out of the 80 total questions.
  • Students will know whether or not they passed at the end of the exam, but FCLE scores may take up to 72 hours to appear on your FSW portal.

    • How to view the FCLE test scores inside the FSW Portal:

      • Log into the FSW Portal
      • Click the following tabs: Student Academics/Student Profile/Prior Education and Testing
  • There are unlimited retakes for the FCLE exam. Students can retest after 30 days (If you are graduating this semester/term, you may re-take the exam after 24 hours).
  • Students must use an allowed electronic device with a webcam and a strong internet connection to test remotely. The installation of a secure browser is mandatory. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure system requirements are met before joining the online testing session. We recommend using a Windows computer.
  • The FCLE has several study materials/resources available for the exam, please visit:

  • There are additional exams that can satisfy the civic literacy assessment requirement. Please refer to table below:

  • Credit-by-exam apply toward the civic literacy requirement? a. A student that has passed an approved AP and/or the CLEP Assessments (refer to approved assessments table) would be considered as having met both the course and the civic literacy assessment requirement. b. A student that has earned credit for AMHX020 and POSX041 via AICE or IB would be considered as having met the course requirement only, and will need to take the Civics Literacy Assessment.