Placement Testing Information

FSW utilizes the ACCUPLACER as its placement test. Placement testing may be required for courses with prerequisites requiring college-level placement.

The ACCUPLACER Placement Test

  • The ACCUPLACER exam has 20/25 multiple choice questions for each required subtest section (Reading, Writing, and Math (QAS-quantitative algebra and statistics).
  • The exam is not timed; however, the estimate is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour per section.
  • Once you have answered a question, you cannot go back.
  • No personal calculators are allowed—The ONLY calculator that may be used is built into the math portion of the exam and may not be provided for every question.
  • White board with marker and eraser, and/or scratch paper/pencil will be provided by the Testing Center.
  • Students will receive a copy of the ACCUPLACER scores via email upon completion of the exam.

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  • You must provide a valid photo ID (government issued ID such as a Driver's License, Green Card, Passport, Military ID, or an FSW BUC ID Card, or a current High School or College ID). No test will be administered without a valid photo ID.
  • All scratch paper will be collected by the testing staff before you leave the Testing Center.
  • Allow enough time to complete your exam prior to the close of the Testing Center.
  • Children are NOT allowed in testing labs and are NOT allowed to be left unattended on FSW premises.

Prohibited Items

  • Electronic devices (personal calculators, cell phones, smart watches/glasses, electronic glasses of any kind, iPads, or ear phones/buds)
  • Personal items such as sunglasses, watches, hats, handbags, backpacks, or umbrellas.
  • Food or beverages.


  • Labs are equipped with video surveillance equipment and computers are monitored during testing.
  • Students are not allowed to view other websites or utilize non-permitted exam materials while testing.
  • Testing Irregularities (utilizing unauthorized test materials, visiting prohibited websites, etc.) may result in test invalidation.