Home School & Private School Information

Both home education and private school students have access to FSW’s Accelerated Pathway programs.

Home Education:

As a home education student you will follow the same steps as traditional public school students in applying, submitting test scores. However, you will also need to enter into the FSW Home Education Articulation Agreement and provide a Home Education Affidavit that each county’s home education office can provide. This agreement is an annual agreement and should only be submitted when the student is eligible to register for courses with the necessary college-level test scores. All materials must be submitted to the Director of Accelerated Pathways before students can register.

Private Schools:

Private schools have the opportunity to enter into an Articulation Agreement with FSW. This is an annual agreement and will need to be submitted if any of your students would like to take part in Fall, Spring, and/or Summer Dual Enrollment options with FSW. Information provided in the Articulation Agreement is courses and programs offered, student eligibility, delineation of high school credit earned, registration policies, and funding provisions of delineated costs. If your private school would like to offer dual enrollment please complete this form.