ARC Grant Recipients Academic Year 2020-2021

Faculty Member Subject Award Date Proposal Name
G. Anzalone Anatomy & Physiology November 2020 Promoting Diverse Student Engagement through Genetic Analysis
J. Donini Biology November 2020 Movement and Spatial Ecology of an Imperiled Turtle Species in Southwest Florida
T. Churchill, J. Chan, & K. Livingstone Mathematics November 2020 Mathematics in an Open Educational Resource (OER) World
T. Lucas & K. O'Connor Business July 2020 FSW Undergraduate Student Research & Experiential Learning Center
B. Jett History July 2020 "Lynching in LaBelle" Digital History Project
M. Witty Microbiology July 2020 Further Analysis of Wastewater Components: Reactions of Bilins in Sedimentum Lateritium