Welcome to the First Year Experience

What is Cornerstone Experience?
Cornerstone Experience is a new course to help first-year students successfully transition to college life.

What are some of the issues that I may face as a first-time college student?
Attending college for the first time can be challenging. Some students have difficulty with

  • Setting goals
  • Getting motivated
  • Managing time well
  • Developing good study skills
  • Adapting socially
  • Balancing studies with social life, family and work
  • Making decisions
  • Academic planning

How will the course help me in my transition to college?
The curriculum focused on four foundational frameworks:

  • Critical Thinking: You’ll learn to improve your thinking to solve problems, generate ideas and to speak and write from an informed perspective.
  • Relevancy: Students are more successful if they have a plan. During the semester you’ll develop a personal blueprint to achieve your goals.
  • Applied Learning: You’ll apply course concepts and skills beyond the classroom in order to develop lifelong self-reliance. You’ll identify what type of learner you are and focus on appropriate learning strategies.
  • Success Strategies:You’ll learn and practice strategies to achieve your personal and educational goals, replacing bad habits with good ones.

Will I be required to take Cornerstone Experience?
College Requirement: Cornerstone Experience SLS 1515
Cornerstone Experience course at Florida SouthWestern State College is an integrative and interdisciplinary course designed to help first-year students acquire critical thinking and decision-making skills that promote academic success. In this course, students will learn about college resources and requirements, explore career objectives and programs of study, establish relationships with mentoring faculty, and develop a support group among peers.

All incoming degree-seeking students who have earned less than 30 credits are required to take and successfully complete SLS 1515 in the first semester. Approved exceptions will not exceed fulfilling the requirement within the first 15 credit hours. Successful completion is defined as earning a "C" or better in the course.

Why should I enroll in the course?
Completing the course will help get you get your college career off to a great start. You will:

  • Learn skills that will enhance your academic and personal success
  • Become aware of helpful campus and online resources
  • Feel connected to the FSW community
  • Create your personal blueprint for success

Will I receive credit for taking this course?
Yes, Cornerstone Experience is a three-credit hour course. The credits may count toward your degree and/or graduation requirements

What will the classes be like?
Active learning strategies will include group work, practical, hands-on assignments and technology-based activities.