Deductions and Garnishments


There are several types of deductions that are processed through payroll. There are payroll taxes such as Federal, Alternate Social Security, Social Security and Medicare. Employee and Employer paid benefit deductions such as health, dental, life or vision and employee voluntary contributions to organizations like The United Way or the Florida SouthWestern State College Foundation.

We have provided a list of eligible pre and post-tax payroll deductions to help you better understand your pay stub.

** Payroll Deduction Code Report **


A garnishment is an order that directs Florida SouthWestern State College to withhold money from your pay check and to forward that money to the court or garnishing agency for payment of a debt you owe. Your wages can be garnished because of debts related to tax levies, creditor garnishments, student loans, bankruptcy, alimony or child support. We understand that these matters are confidential and can be stressful.

In most cases, once an order has been received, we are required to process it by the next pay cycle, but we will make every effort to notify you of the order prior to the deduction being processed through payroll. Garnishments cannot be removed without receiving an Order to Release Levy from the original issuing authority.


There are times due to contract changes or course cancellations that we find that an employee has been overpaid. We will do everything in our power to notify you of any action taken and the reason for the collection; however, we do reserve the right to immediately collect any overpayments made to an employee once the overpayment is discovered.