Pay Checks

Since the payroll department issues more than 26,000 payroll payments each year, we have elected to provide pay stubs electronically to all direct deposit users. This not only saves the College money, but allows the employees to access their pay information quickly and easily.

Paper Paychecks are delivered to the Cashier's Office on your campus and are available for pick up each pay date. Please be sure to bring photo identification with you to claim your check. If you have elected to have your pay check mailed to the address we have on file, you should receive it on or soon after the scheduled pay date.

Employees can view and print their pay stubs at any time by following the instructions below:

  • Log into the portal at
  • Click on the "Employee Services" tab
  • Click on "Pay Information"
  • Click on "Pay Stub"
  • Select Year and click "Display"
  • Click on the individual pay stub date that you would like to view (highlighted in blue)
  • To print, scroll down to the bottom of your pay stub and click "Printer Friendly"
  • Go to "File" select "Print"

Lost Checks

If you have lost your pay check, you must notify the payroll department immediately and complete the Payroll Stop Payment Reissue Check Request form. We will issue a stop payment order on the check and will issue a replacement check once the bank has confirmed that the check was not cashed. This takes up to seven (7) business days to complete. Once the replacement check has been processed, payroll will contact you to let you know when the check can be picked up.