Duty Days and Payroll Calculations

Duty Days

In order to receive full pay, employees must work all of the duty days assigned. Regular full-time staff are expected to work 243 duty days per fiscal year and full-time regular faculty are expected to work 166 duty days per fiscal year.

See the Board Approved Duty Day Calendar for both regular staff and regular faculty.

Payroll Calculations

There are times when a payroll calculation is necessary to accurately pay employees. Calculations will occur when an employee is unable to work all of the assigned duty days in any given fiscal year.

New Hires

If an employee is hired after the beginning of our fiscal year (July 1st), a calculation will be done based on the number of duty days the employee will be physically working for the remainder of the fiscal year. This can result in a positive or negative adjustment. Full-time employees will receive a New Hire Letter outlining any adjustments that will be made to their first pay check.

Leave of Absence

When an employee returns from an unpaid leave of absence, a payroll calculation will be completed based on the number of days the employee was on leave without pay. In most cases this results in a negative impact to the employee’s first paycheck upon return from leave.


If an employee leaves Florida SouthWestern State College prior to the close of the fiscal year (June 30th), a calculation will be done based on the number of duty days the employee physically worked. This could result in a positive or negative impact to the employee's final pay check.