Off-Cycle (On Demand) Payroll Requests

Off Cycle Payment Requests are for emergency purposes only and should be considered only if the employee has received less than 75% of their regular pay.

To request that an on demand payroll be processed please complete the form On Demand Payroll Request in its entirety. Once completed and approved, it can be routed to the Payroll Department for processing.

On Demand payments will be processed each Wednesday morning for payment on Friday. All on demand payroll requests must be completed, signed and submitted to Payroll no later than Tuesday at 4:00pm in order to be processed for that week.

If the form is not completed or if any signatures are missing, we will return the incomplete form to the department for correction. Once the form has been corrected, it can be resubmitted to payroll for processing. If the deadline is missed, the request will be processed on the following week.