About the School of Education


Florida SouthWestern State College’s School of Education provides a rigorous learning environment ensuring teacher candidates will achieve their greatest potential through a course of study based upon a strong pedagogical, ethical, and socially-conscious foundation that fosters creativity and innovation.

Florida SouthWestern State College’s School of Education produces graduates equipped to contribute to a diverse community of life-long learners in Southwest Florida.


Florida SouthWestern State College’s School of Education will provide the community with reflective practitioners possessing the knowledge and skills to educate learners in a world-class global environment.

Principles of Excellence

The teacher candidate will...

  • Synthesize academic content, pedagogical skills and educational technology to instruct digital natives.
  • Continually explore new methods, best practices and instructional designs to impact p-12 learning.
  • Employ strong written, verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Emulate and foster caring and ethical behavior in order to build teaching and learning environments that build upon the strengths of students’ diverse cultures and learning styles.
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders; such as, administrators, colleagues, parents and leaders in the local community.
  • Engage in reflective practice with an understanding that learning is a lifelong process.

The School of Education at Florida SouthWestern State College offers pathways for candidates interested in working in educational settings from birth to high school. All programs focus on preparing candidates for their roles as a positive and engaging educational practitioner. It is through transformational education initiatives that focus on social justice and practical experiences that teacher candidates will learn to educate in today’s diverse classrooms. The School of Education offers rigorous and demanding education programs. Setting high expectations and requiring all teacher candidates meet these expectations, enables teacher candidates to glean the knowledge and skills needed to be successful educators. Teacher candidates will graduate from the School of Education’s Elementary Education program certified with both Reading and ESOL endorsements.

Faculty and staff continually strive towards excellence in preparing candidates to work in diverse environments. Through the School of Education, teacher candidates will have the ability to build a strong sense of community and support amongst students and faculty.

Teacher candidates engage in diverse field experiences at the onset of every program and continue honing their pedagogical skills and knowledge throughout the program. Teacher candidates are assessed on their knowledge, dispositions and performance throughout each of the education programs.