Remediation Information

At FSW, Remediation is required prior to retesting.

Second and Third P.E.R.T. Attempts

  • A student is allowed to retest a total of two times in each subtest area.
  • Remediation is required prior to retesting in each area of deficiency - see remediation information below.

Remediation Requirement for Florida SouthWestern State College Students:

  1. Free one-hour remediation sessions are held at each FSW location:
    Florida SouthWestern State College Academic Support Programs offer free remediation sessions to FSW students at each of the Collier, Charlotte, Hendry Glades, and Thomas Edison (Lee) locations. All Academic Support Centers have designated walk-in times for remediation. Each remediation session provides self-paced activities for each subtest area in which a retest is intended.Remediation time is one hour per subtest area.
  2. Free online college readiness course for a more concentrated form of remediation:
    If you need to refresh/enhance your skills in reading, writing, and mathematics and feel that a more intense form of remediation is required, please email for more information.

Please Note:

In the case of a student who has exhausted all P.E.R.T. attempts at Florida SouthWestern State College, P.E.R.T. scores will not be accepted from another institution if admission to Florida SouthWestern State College was granted prior to the dates of the P.E.R.T. scores in question.

If your score places you into developmental coursework, FSW provides alternate routes of completion. Please refer to the Developmental Course Completion Routes (PDF) to view your completion options.

Florida SouthWestern State College Dual/Enrolled/Early Admission Students are allowed to P.E.R.T. test a total of three times per subtest.

At Florida SouthWestern State College, remediation is required prior to retesting for the P.E.R.T.

Second and Third P.E.R.T. Attempts:

  • FSW DE/EA students must retest at one of Florida SouthWestern State College‚Äôs Testing Centers.
  • A student is allowed to retest a total of two times in each subtest area.
  • Remediation in each area of deficiency is required prior to retesting.
    • A student may retest one time (per subtest area) within each academic term.
    • A student will be allowed to retest, using available retest attempts, each fall, spring, and summer term once registration begins for degree-seeking students. (See the Florida SouthWestern State College Official College Calendar for the date that registration begins for degree-seeking students).
    • Classroom remediation in the area(s) of deficiency (English, math, reading courses) is required between each retest attempt.
  • Prior to sitting for the P.E.R.T., each DE/EA student is required to present the Dual Enrollment Placement Test Referral Form (PDF) completed by a school counselor/authorized designee indicating which subtest area(s) are to be administered.