Active Duty Service Members

Tuition Assistance (TA)

Tuition Assistance (TA) is a government benefit offered to service members of all branches of the Armed Forces as well as military spouses/dependents to assist with the cost of tuition.

How to Request Tuition Assistance

Requesting Tuition Assistance is the same for all branches of the military and is outlined in the steps below. Specific information regarding the type of military Tuition Assistance you are using can be found in Branch Specific Information.

  1. Speak with your local Education Office to ensure your eligibility for Tuition Assistance.
  2. Follow their instructions for how to request Tuition Assistance for your course(s). Take note of the timeframe in which you are able to request your TA indicated in the Branch Specific Information below.
  3. After the military approves your request, submit your Tuition Authorization form to the FSW Cashiers Office at
  4. Look for a TA credit to your account within 3-5 business days of receiving your form.

Branch Specific Information

Select your branch below for more information.

Benefit Summary (Army)

The following is a summary of what Army Tuition Assistance (ArmyIgnitED) will cover. Determine your eligibility on the ArmyIgnitED website or contact your Education Services Officer.

TA Request Timeframe

No earlier than 60 days before and no later than 7 days before the semester begins.

  • May cover up to $250 per credit hour. 
  • Fiscal year cap of $4,000. 
  • Maximum of 16 credit hours may be covered per fiscal year. 
  • Soldiers are limited to 130 credit hours to complete one bachelor's degree. One certificate program may be approved.
  • Army students should make all enrollment changes with FSW.
  • TA request timeframe: 

    • Start: 60 days before term starts 
    • End: 7 days before term starts 

Getting Started & More

  • Visit the ArmyIgnitED website and set up your account by clicking "Login". You will only need your CAC. Contact the Education Center if you need assistance.
  • Get a degree completion plan from your Student Success Advisor to add to your new Army education file (instructions below).
  • Submit an Education Goal in ArmyIgnitEd.

    • Click on "Education Goals" on the left side menu or "Create New Goal" at the bottom of the homepage.
    • Select your education goal type. "N/A" means you are ineligible for that degree level and can hover over the goal to see why. Contact your S1 to get your civilian education level updated and submit your transcript to the Education Center to request a one-day update of the civilian education level if you believe you should be eligible.
    • Select "Florida SouthWestern State College" as your Academic Institution from the drop-down list, enter your BUC ID (if available), and click "Next"
    • Select a "Degree Program." FSW has added available degree programs, and you can use a keyword search to locate your program. Email if you cannot find your program. Click "Next" once you have added your program.
    • Upload your Evaluated Degree Plan. You can request an Evaluated Degree Plan by contacting your advisor. If you do not currently have an Evaluated Degree Plan, check the box that states “No Degree Plan File” and click “Next”. (If you did not attach an official Evaluated Degree when you created your Education Goal, you will need to provide the Evaluated Degree Plan in PDF to your Education Center to be added to your account to continue using tuition assistance after completing two classes).
    • The number of required credits for your degree level should automatically load. Any transferred credits listed on your Evaluated Degree Plan can be entered into "Previous Credits." Indicate if your credits are Quarter Hours and click "Submit Goal."
    • Once the Education Center reviews your submitted education goal, they will send a message in the student message section indicating approval or disapproval. Once, approved, you may apply for tuition assistance.
  • If you have not previously used Tuition Assistance before, make sure to complete the How to Request Tuition Assistance section above.
  • Ensure you request your TA 7-60 days prior to the start of the semester.
  • FSW loads all available courses into the ArmyIgnitED portal. If your courses are incorrect or missing, please email
  • Your TA authorization form must have all the correct course information, semester start and end dates, and your electronic signature. The authorization form should be sent to the Cashiers Office in-person or by email at

*State, federal, or commercial entities may impose additional requirements related to obtaining credentials in a given field. Further information can be found within the individual Program descriptions in our College Catalog.