Sign Language and Real-Time Captioning Requests

Provision of American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters and Transcriptionists

When requesting Interpreting and/or Transcription Services it is the student’s responsibility to:

  1. Complete the self-identification process
  2. Meet Deadlines

    • Make class requests 2 weeks in advance to ensure services are available on the first day of class.

      • Note: Requests are prioritized by order of date received.
    • Other Requests: Contact Adaptive Services a minimum three business days prior to event including the date, time, and location request.
  3. Notify OAS of Changes

    • Examples: room or time changes.
    • Cancellation of classes.
  4. Be on Time

    • The service provider will wait 15 minutes for a student to arrive. After 15 minutes, the service provider will leave and the absence is considered a "NO SHOW".
  5. Cancel Services at Least 48 hours in Advance

    • Students must notify Adaptive Services at least 48 hours in advance of any scheduled absence (For Example: Doctor's Appointments). If a student is absent without 48 hours advanced notice, then it will be considered a "no show" for that class.

      • First No Show: Warning – student will be notified via their FSW email reminding them of the process.
      • Second No Show (same class): Warning #2 – student will receive an email requesting to meet with OAS to review the process. ASL interpreters will be provided.
      • Third No Show: The student will be responsible to retrieve their ASL interpreter from ADAptive Services before each class until a resolution is determined through the interactive process.
      • *We understand emergencies happen and welcome any communication. This procedure helps to provide effective services which minimize disruption of the class environment.
  6. Communicate Concerns

    • If a student has concerns or questions about services or providers, they must contact OAS as soon as possible.
  7. Maintain Transcripts for Personal Academic Use Only

    • These materials are for personal academic use only and may not be shared or duplicated.