So, Why Should You #ChooseFSW?

At FSW, you are not just a student number sitting in a lecture hall of 500 students being taught by a graduate student.

Instead, you will have the opportunity for a 1-on-1 relationship with all of your professors, setting you up to graduate with a much higher degree of success.

They know your name. They will mentor you. They will help grow you to your full potential.

But this isn’t easy street, you have to do the hard work. We have high standards and provide amazing opportunities.

You can study abroad in Italy, investigate crime scenes on our own Crime Scene Island, save a patient's life in our health simulation labs... It’s all here! You can have it all and graduate debt free.

70% of students graduate debt free. 100% graduate ready for their next career or degree.

Make an educated decision: #ChooseFSW!

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