Certification/Specialty Exams

The Florida SouthWestern State College Testing Centers offer proctoring services for students/individuals taking a certification/specialty exam that requires a proctor. If you wish to have an exam proctored at one of the FSW locations, be sure to follow the steps shown below to ensure that your test is available for administration:

  1. Your School/Institution/Company must email the below information to leeproctor@fsw.edu, in order to request a proctored certification/specialty exam(s).

    • Student Name
    • School/Institution/Company Name
    • Exam Name
    • Exam Dates
    • Exam Length
    • Exam ID Requirements
    • Allowed Materials/Test Aids
    • Exam Password (online exams only)
    • Computer Requirements such as recommended browsers, Windows version, Microsoft Office suite version, etc. (online exams only)
    • Other
  2. Once your School/Institution/Company has emailed the required information to leeproctor@fsw.edu, FSW Testing will review and determine if we are able to administer the exam.      
  3. Once the exam is approved, FSW Testing will contact you via email to confirm the information was received and to set up a date and time for the exam.
  4. The exam fee must be paid in person at the Cashier’s Office, and the receipt of payment must be presented to the FSW Testing Center staff on the test date. (Please Note—Exam fees are non-refundable/non-transferable.)
  5. A valid photo ID is required to test. (Please review the exam ID requirements for the type(s) of IDs required.)
Certification/Specialty Exams
Exam fees are non-refundable/non-transferable
Exam Length Fee
Exams up to 2 hours $75.00
Exams up to 3 hours $100.00
Exams up to 4 hours $125.00
Exams up to/exceeding 5 hours $150.00