What is attendance verification?

Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 governs the administration of federal financial aid funds. These federal financial aid regulations require that students who receive federal Title IV aid must complete an academically related activity in each course in which they are enrolled to show their academic engagement in the course prior to the disbursement of their financial aid. In compliance with federal regulations, FSW financial aid and scholarships will be disbursed only after all attendance (in every course) has been confirmed for the term of enrollment.

In order to accomplish this, students must initiate attendance by completing the academically related activity (assignment) via Canvas. The assignment is due by the end of the first week of classes and will remain open for approximately 2 weeks following the published first day of class. The exact date can be found in Canvas for your specific class. The Office of Student Financial aid will then disburse funds for the classes with verified attendance. The confirmation of attendance via an academically related activity is required for all students, not only those receiving financial aid.

How do I complete my attendance verification?

Login to Canvas and navigate to your course.

  • Identify if an academic activity (assignment) is available for you to complete by clicking on the Attendance Verification link on the menu of the course homepage. Complete all activities listed.
  • Do this for each of your registered courses.
  • These activities should be completed as soon as possible in order to prevent a delay in the disbursement of your financial aid and/or scholarships.

What if I can’t find the attendance verification link in my Canvas course on my phone?

At this time the menu links do not display on the Canvas mobile app. To complete the assignment students will need to log into Canvas from a web browser.

Why do I have an attendance hold?

If you have attendance hold(s) it means that you have not completed the attendance verification assignment assigned in one or more of your courses. The easiest way to fix this is to complete the verification assignment as soon as possible by clicking on the Attendance Verification link in your Canvas course and following the assignment instructions. If the assignment is locked you have missed the required “attendance initiation” deadline. Any exceptions to this deadline can be discussed with your professor. No exceptions will be accepted after the 60% date of the semester as published in the FSW Academic Calendar. The Office of Student Financial Aid will review these holds after grades post at the end of the semester and will disburse financial aid funds for courses meeting eligibility at that time.