Non-Traditional Students & Financial Aid Process

Non-traditional students are an important part of Florida SouthWestern State College as they bring a unique experience to the classroom. They are dedicated to their education while balancing several responsibilities at work and at home. These challenges can have an impact on their college financial resources.

Below is some information about the Financial Aid process for non-traditional students.

  • Apply for Financial Aid - Students who wish to support their continuing education should start by submitting a Free Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Type of Financial Aid - The FSW Office of Student Financial Aid will be gathering the information you submitted on your FAFSA to determine your eligibility for scholarships, grants, Federal Work-Study and loans.
  • Maintaining your Financial Aid - If you are transferring from another college, the FSW Office of Student Financial Aid will be reviewing your transcript to ensure your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements have been met. Once you are eligible to receive Financial Aid, you must maintain SAP to continue to receive aid.