Frequently Asked Advising Questions

How do I schedule an appointment with my Advisor?

Click here for instructions to meet with an Academic Advisor (see the purple Today’s Top Tip box for details).

How do I cancel an appointment with my Advisor?

Please email your Advisor to cancel your appointment. You should have received a confirmation email when you scheduled your appointment, and it will contain your advisor’s contact information. Students can schedule one advising session at a time. If you have an upcoming appointment scheduled, you must cancel it before scheduling another.

Why doesn't my Advisor have any open appointments?

Advisor appointment calendars fill up quickly! If you do not see any open appointment dates when checking in your Portal, please check back. Advisors add new appointments on Fridays for two weeks in advance. Your advisor can also answer many questions by email. You can find your advisor’s email address on your Portal on the Success Team card.

Can I change my Advisor?

Yes, you can change your Advisor by visiting the Advising check-in desk and submitting a Change of Advisor form (PDF) or you can email the Advising office at You may choose to change to an Advisor on any FSW campus. For some AS majors or certain certificates, you may not be able to switch because there may be only one Advisor that is assigned to a specific program.

How do I find and view my course schedule?

Follow these helpful instructions to view your current course schedule.

    Why am I receiving an error message when trying to register for classes?

    Student Attribute Restriction:

    • The course is restricted to a specific population of students, such as those in the Honors program. Honors courses are distinguished with an “H” at the end of the section number.

    Pre-Requisite Error:

    • The course is part of a mandatory sequence that must be taken in order. For example, ENC 1101 is required prior to registering for ENC 1102.

    Advisor Approval Error:

    • This class requires an override from an Advisor. Contact your Academic Advisor for assistance

    Time Conflict Error:

    • You are attempting to register for a course that meets at times that conflict with a course you have already registered for. You cannot have any overlap between class times on your schedule.

    How do I know if I have a hold?

    When you log onto your FSW Student Portal, click on Student Academics and then click on Student Profile. your holds will be located at the top in the purple banner. Here are some common holds and what action is required to remove them:

    Advising Hold:

    • You must schedule an Advising appointment and meet with the Advisor to have this hold removed.

    FTIC Hold:

    • You must attend a workshop for “First Time in College” students before you can register. You will receive an email invitation to this workshop when it is time for you to attend. You much complete the online orientation course in Canvas and any required placement testing before you can participate in a workshop.

    Cornerstone SLS 1515 Hold:

    • This hold will remain on your account until you have successfully registered for the course SLS 1515 Cornerstone Experience. The hold will be added each semester until you pass the course with a C or higher. Use this link to find out how to resolve your SLS 1515 hold.

    Assessment Hold:

    • You must speak to Testing Services to determine if additional testing is needed.

    Transcript Hold:

    • The hold should specify if high school or college transcripts must be submitted. For high school transcripts, please submit an official copy to the Admissions Office. For college transcripts, please submit an official copy to the Registrar's Office.

    To learn about other types of holds and how to resolve them, click

    Why am I classified as an AA degree-seeking student when I really want to pursue a limited access program or other specific major (Nursing/Radiologic Technology/etc.)?

    Limited access programs require that you complete prerequisite courses prior to applying. While you are completing these courses, if you have not already completed an Associate in Arts degree, this would be an appropriate degree-seeking program for you.

    Likewise, if you are planning on pursuing a specific major at the university-level, you will often need to complete the Associate in Arts first. The Associate in Arts is the first half of your Bachelor’s degree. You will work with your advisor to complete the courses needed to transfer into your intended bachelor’s degree program.

    How can I change my major or program?

    To change your major, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. If you want to change your major or future degree, your advisor will work with you to create a new education plan to ensure you stay on track.

    If you want to change your program at FSW (e.g., from an AA to an AS), you will also want to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. Let your advisor know of your plan to change programs. You will complete a Change of Student Data form with your advisor, which you will then submit to the Registrar's Office. Depending upon what program you change to, your Advisor may also change. Some programs at FSW are “limited access” and require a separate application.

    What is the difference between AA and AS degree programs?

    Associate in Arts (AA)

    • This degree is designed for students who intend to pursue a Bachelor’s degree upon graduation.
    • It is also suitable for students who want to apply to a Limited Access Program at FSW, such as nursing, dental hygiene, radiology tech, respiratory care, etc.

    Associate in Science (AS)

    • This degree is designed for students who intend to enter a profession upon graduation.
    • Some AS programs have articulation agreements that allow directly entry into certain specialized bachelor’s degrees. Talk to your advisor to find out more.

    Can I take a course over for a better grade?

    Visit this page for more information about Multiple Attempt Course Surcharges, Maximum Course Attempts, Grade Forgiveness, and other policies under the Grading Policies and Multiple Course Attempts heading. You may also contact an Academic Advisor or appropriate department staff for more information.

    How many credits are considered full time vs. part-time student status?

    • Full Time: A student enrolled in twelve credits or more during the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters.
    • Part-Time: A student enrolled in fewer than twelve credits during the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters,

    What is the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?

    During the add/drop period at the start of the semester, you are able to drop a course from your schedule with no grade penalty in your FSW Portal. After the add/drop period is over, you may withdraw from a course with no grade penalty, however, you will not be eligible for a tuition refund and must still pay any outstanding balances owed to the college. Withdrawing from classes may also affect your eligibility for future financial aid in some circumstances. You should speak with the Office of Student Financial Aid before attempting to drop or withdraw from a course.

    How do I know what courses I need to take for my degree?

    You should schedule an appointment with your Advisor to discuss remaining degree requirements. In preparation for this appointment, you may review your degree evaluation in your student portal. It is important to review your audit with your academic advisor to ensure complete accuracy and understanding.

  1. For instructions to run a degree audit/evaluation, check out these helpful “How-To” Videos.
  2. What is a Credit Review and how do I complete one?

    A credit review is the official process to review how a course you have taken at another institution articulates (transfers) to FSW. If you believe a course on your record should have transferred into FSW differently, please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss the circumstances.

    To submit a Credit Review, click here and scroll down to the section that says Credit Review Request. On that page, you can view the credit review request form with detailed instructions and the credit review committee schedule. You must complete all steps and submit all necessary documentation for your petition to be considered. No submission will be accepted with missing documentation. It is recommended that you work with your advisor through this process to ensure that all steps are completed.

    How do I apply for graduation or commencement?

    To learn more about auto graduation and commencement, please click here.

    Can my advisor help with financial aid?

    Advisors are unable to view any financial aid information in your account. Please see the contact information for financial aid here.

    How do I re-admit to FSW?

    You may need to re-admit to FSW if you previously attended Florida SouthWestern State College but have been away for 3 or more semesters. You can find more information on re-admitting here

    How do I submit my Florida residency verification?

    To be considered for in-state tuition, you must provide a "Florida Residency Declaration" form and documentation. You can find information on that here.

    What do I need to be prepared for the first day of class?

    Log in to Canvas and see if your syllabus for your course has been posted. The “syllabus” is a document that explains the course policies and lists most of the tasks and requirements you will need to complete during the semester. To log on to Canvas, go to the FSW homepage and click the Canvas button at the top of the page. Familiarize yourself with your assignments, due dates, preferences of communication for your professor, and purchase materials for the class (textbooks, notebooks, pens/pencils, etc.). If you are unsure what books you need to purchase, the FSW Bookstore can help you figure it out!

    I’ve never taken an online class before. How can I get prepared? What do I need to know?

    Once you are admitted, start by familiarizing yourself with Canvas. Canvas is an online tool that is used in almost every class at FSW (in-person and online). Canvas is your hub for assignments, homework, and even some quizzes and tests. To access Canvas, go to the FSW homepage and click the Canvas button at the top of the page.

    Make sure you have all the necessary technology for your online course. Some courses require an external webcam and this will be noted in the syllabus (which you can also find on Canvas).

    Learn more about the different types of online classes offered at FSW here.